Aztec uses bleeding-edge cryptography to enable private, programmable transactions on top of the Ethereum blockchain protocol.

Our in-house zk-snark protocol, plonk, is rapidly converging to become an industry standard, used by many companies and projects in the blockchain space.

One of our flagship projects is Noir, an open-source zk-snark programming language. Noir exposes a high-level rust-like programming language, that compiles into a zero-knowledge circuit using our plonk backend software. We plan on supporting multiple cryptographic backends in the future.

zk-snark programming languages present some unique challenges, due to the constraints of compiling a high-level program into a cryptographic protocol.

Apr 14, 2022  
Role focus Aztec is building a decentralised peer to peer layer 2 network on top of Ethereum. We're looking an engineer with specific experience in building networking protocols to: Decentralise the transaction pool, by implementing a p2p network protocol. Ensure rapid propagation of transactions through the network. Reducing data transmission overhead in all parts of stack. Hook directly into L1 devp2p protocol for advanced L2 synching. Required Experience Knowledge of algorithms, data structures, systems level programming, etc. Experience with Typescript. 5-8 years solid engineering experience Solid understanding of internet networking protocols. Basic understanding of at least one p2p protocol. Experience writing networking code in a production environment. Development experience with Ethereum.
Aztec Full time
Apr 08, 2022  
About Aztec At Aztec we’re building privacy tooling for public blockchains on advanced cryptography in order to build a fair and open financial ecosystem for everyone Aztec was founded in 2017, and we raised our Series A funding in 2021 from Paradigm, Consensys, a_capital, Variant, Scalar and Libertus. Our 25 person team is built up of world-class engineers and cryptographers who have worked at Zcash, Betfair, Triptease, and Google Role focus Building a ‘full node’, in TypeScript, which: Rolls-up private smart contract transactions, making use of our recursive zk-SNARK cryptography library; Reliably syncs with the Aztec Network’s L1 & L2 states; Allows private and secure execution of users’ smart contract transactions; Manages sensitive user data securely; Interfaces neatly with developers’ apps; Allows p2p relaying of transactions across the network; Has a ‘test’...
Aztec Full time