Apr 08, 2022

Full Stack Engineer (Aztec 3)

  • Aztec
Full time Blockchain developer Cryptography Engineering

Job Description

About Aztec

At Aztec we’re building privacy tooling for public blockchains on advanced cryptography in order to build a fair and open financial ecosystem for everyone

Aztec was founded in 2017, and we raised our Series A funding in 2021 from Paradigm, Consensys, a_capital, Variant, Scalar and Libertus. Our 25 person team is built up of world-class engineers and cryptographers who have worked at Zcash, Betfair, Triptease, and Google

Role focus

  • Building a ‘full node’, in TypeScript, which:
    • Rolls-up private smart contract transactions, making use of our recursive zk-SNARK cryptography library;
    • Reliably syncs with the Aztec Network’s L1 & L2 states;
    • Allows private and secure execution of users’ smart contract transactions;
    • Manages sensitive user data securely;
    • Interfaces neatly with developers’ apps;
    • Allows p2p relaying of transactions across the network;
    • Has a ‘test’ mode, which enables testing of complex private smart contract interactions.
  • Building a TypeScript ‘wrapper’ module that allows developers to easily build apps which can interface with the above full node and with our custom Noir language’s suite of tools.
  • Building complex example applications to test and demonstrate Aztec 3’s capabilities.
  • Liaise with the cryptography team, to ensure our cryptography library exposes everything the full node will need.
  • Liaise with our Noir language team, to ensure our custom private smart contract programming language provides an intuitive experience for our target audience of developers.
  • Liaise with our business team, to ensure Aztec 3 delivers what the ecosystem needs.

Required experience

  • Knowledge of algorithms, data structures, systems level programming, etc
  • 3+ years solid engineering experience
  • Automated testing of all mission-critical code
  • A high degree of focus on code quality and reducing complexity
  • Full stack capable, but with a focus on backend architecture, development and deployment at scale
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and/or TypeScript
  • A penchant for clear and comprehensive documentation
  • Confidence to probe and suggest improvements to the existing architecture and codebase
  • Able to provide clear and constructive feedback on less senior engineers’ PR’s, mentoring where necessary
  • A passion for blockchain, its potential, and what we’re trying to achieve

Nice-to-have experience

  • Familiarity with current Ethereum tooling (for inspiration)
  • An understanding of the finer details of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (again, for inspiration)
  • An understanding of other Layer 2 solutions and their tooling
  • Familiarity with other private blockchain technologies like ZCash
  • Knowledge of peer-to-peer decentralised networking tools
  • An understanding of arithmetic circuits and their unusual limitations
  • A love for Merkle Trees

Internal tech stack

  • C++ for the core cryptography library
  • Rust for our smart contract language Noir
  • Solidity for our Ethereum based smart contracts
  • TypeScript for our developer toolkits
  • TypeScript for our node software
  • TypeScript for all higher level code. (jest, koa, ethers, react)
  • WebAssembly builds of our crypto library in Web Workers for in-browser operability
  • Terraform used for defining all infrastructure on AWS
  • CircleCI pipeline developed for all builds and deployments

We offer

  • A highly competitive compensation package (including equity)
  • Flexible with remote working
  • 25 days holiday + bank holidays
  • An opportunity to work with a world class cryptography and engineering team
  • An opportunity to work at the cutting edge of blockchain and fintech

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