Jun 28, 2022

Junior Blockchain Researcher

  • Zero Knowledge Validator
Full time Community Research

Job Description

About us: 

ZKValidator is a mission driven validator aiming to raise the profile of zero knowledge and privacy technology in the blockchain space. We currently operate across eight proof-of-stake blockchain networks each of which you will be exploring in this role as well as additional networks. Our team consists of members with extensive and varied experience in the blockchain space and specifically in the zero knowledge community.


The Role:

We are looking for a Junior Researcher who is interested in exploring and writing about Zero Knowledge and other emerging fields of cryptography, Proof-of-Stake, Bridges, Rollups, MEV, and other cutting edge meta blockchain topics. Specifically we are looking to explore the ways in which these intersect with privacy. We would also like to see this person work with us to craft our Governance platforms and voting strategy within the networks we operate on. 


You will be responsible for researching new networks that we could validate on, support or invest in. You would present information from your research to the leadership team and have a big impact on the direction of the organisation. You would also communicate your research findings to a broader audience through creating outward facing content. 


Day to day responsibilities include:

  • Collating research in a format that is digestible for other members of the organisation.
  • Sourcing new blockchain networks and projects of interest and conducting due diligence of the technology and team.
  • Suggesting recommendations for the direction of the organisation in terms of new networks to validate on or projects to invest in.
  • Writing about emerging trends and innovations that relate to our mission. 
  • Working with the marketing team to produce relevant content related to new network launches.
  • Research and analyse relevant governance decisions. Work with our community to best reflect their wishes.


The ideal candidate would:

  • Have a sound knowledge of cryptography, distributed systems, and blockchain technologies generally.
  • The ability to identify emerging trends and exciting projects in the early stages of development.
  • A sharp analytical mind that seeks evidence to validate hypotheses.
  • The ability to aggregate data from multiple sources and draw reasonable, justifiable conclusions from incomplete information. 
  • The ability to explain complex topics in simple terms to a non-technical audience.
  • A genuine passion for blockchain technologies and web3.
  • Most likely have a degree in a relevant technical field - mathematics, computer science, engineering, economics or the physical sciences

To apply, please email jobs@zkvalidator.com 

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