Jul 28, 2022

Cryptography Engineer

  • Blockswap
Full time Cryptography Engineering

Job Description

We are looking for a talented cryptography engineer or developer with a strong math background who loves challenges and has a research-oriented mindset to join our engineering team. You will be primarily focused on the implementation of our threshold DKG cryptographic protocol.
You will work alongside our core engineering team within Blockswap which consist of best-in-class protocol specialist and software engineers. This is an ideal role for those who are ready to take on new opportunities to learn and extend their knowledge basis consistently.


    • You will be working on our dCommon product suite and Common Interest protocol development.  Watch the recent presentation here
    • Collaborate with the team on the implementation of a modular signing network based on DKG-MPC.
    • Produce technical design specifications, author detailed technical specifications(e.g. papers, documentation excerpts, etc.)
    • Implement, test, and audit the cryptography portions of our agent-based off-chain systems for blockchain Dapps to use the dCommon as plug and Play
    • Support smart contract team in their research, and participate in code reviews
    • Interface with the Engineering team to ease the transition of the cryptographic code integrated with our smart contract-based protocol stack.


    • Fluency in English (written and spoken).
    • Background in applied Computer Science with knowledge in programming  C++/Rust and Javascript
    • Strong applied cryptography skills (experience implementing robust elliptic curve cryptography).
    • Outstanding algorithmic thinking and reasoning capability with a strong focus on code quality/documentation and simplicity.
    • BS in Computer Science or Math or equivalent experience
    • Understanding NIZK, SNARK, DKG primitive and prominent signature schemes
    • Understanding of zero-knowledge proofs, Hybrid encryption, elliptic curve cryptography,

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