Sep 09, 2022

Cryptography Researcher

  • Delendum
Full time Cryptography

Job Description

Delendum is looking for a talented cryptography researcher who is interested in zero-knowledge proof and their application to blockchain technology. The candidate will join our research team and help with the incubator program. (Full-time/Part-time/Intern)

This role offers the chance to work closely with a small team on compelling cross-disciplinary problems in theoretical computer science, cryptography, and systems design. The candidate will enjoy a high degree of independence in working conditions and task prioritization. (Remote, Europe/US)

- Monitor the state of the research field for compelling new theoretical advances, work together with the best expert in that field and conduct original exploratory research into new constructions
- Collaborate with other researchers and contribute to the ZKP knowledge base we are building
- Evaluate and analyze the incubator applications, provide reviews on their technical documentation
- Help produce technical specifications for designs of incubator projects and assist with implementation in coordination with team members

- Academic research background in mathematics, computer science, or cryptography
- Prior experience with zero-knowledge proof in a research context
- Self-motivated & self-organized
- Be professional, and great at technical writing

About Delendum
Delendum specializes in the zero-knowledge domain. We support early-stage zero-knowledge based projects with incubation, funding and research resources. We are also open to advise projects, provide reviews, and co-author research publications.

In addition to curating the best early-stage projects for incubation, we also organize seminars, publish technical blog articles, and maintain a knowledge base "ZKPedia" about zero knowledge proof related technologies.

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