Dec 01, 2022

Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer

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Full time Blockchain developer

Job Description

We are looking for a blockchain infrastructure engineer to help build the sequencer client for our fully EVM-compatible zkRollup based on a zkEVM. To maintain full compatibility, our client is a fork of Geth with many alterations to integrate with our decentralized proving network.
Your day-to-day work will involve getting hands on with Geth internals, interfacing with cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof technologies, and optimizing across the stack. We are looking for someone with a deep understanding of blockchain infrastructure as well as software engineering best practices. The ideal candidate will be able to optimize performance while maintaining a code correctness in a high-stakes development environment.

Job Duties

  • Writing Golang client code for our sequencer client
  • Interfacing with the zkEVM team to ensure compatibility between the client and prover network
  • Writing networking code to interface between the sequencer and proving network
  • Testing for full EVM compatibility
  • Rigorous security auditing and testing of the sequencer


  • Fluency in Golang, Rust, C++, or similar languages. We work primarily in Golang, but prior experience is not mandatory
  • Knowledge of common algorithms, data structures, and their computational and memory complexities, as well as experience implementing them from scratch
  • Experience writing production, security critical code
  • Experience in blockchain infrastructure development or cryptography preferred
  • Prior experience in performance optimization preferred


  • This is a remote position. Work from anywhere with our global team.

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