Feb 27, 2023

DevOps Engineer

  • RISC Zero
Full time Dev ops

Job Description

What we do
RISC Zero is on a mission to fix the internet. We're a diverse group of hackers, futurists, and nerds dedicated to making the internet the place we all deserve. We've already built the world's first zero knowledge virtual machine capable of running arbitrary code as a zero knowledge proof. We're now building an ecosystem on top of it.
We have a transparent pay structure with above market salaries and premium benefits. We've all been part of many startups before, so we care a lot about making sure everyone is treated fairly - when it comes to equity, founders have no meaningful advantage over the rest of the employees. You'll have tremendous ability to take part in changing the world, and we believe that deserves meaningful ownership.
What you’ll do
As a DevOps engineer at RISC Zero, you’ll work on the implementation and optimization of both our centralized and decentralized services. Further, you’ll work with other developers to understand the best ways to deploy, monitor, and debug these services.
Who you are
You deeply understand the intricacies of making web services operate efficiently at scale. You’re familiar with several cloud platforms (AWS, Azure) and know how to use them to balance reliability, observability, usability, and lock-in. You know how to work efficiently with service developers to ensure best practices for and tight interaction between both code and infrastructure. You’ve thought deeply about management of decentralized services.

More specifically, you’ve probably done most of:

    • Used cloud platforms to deploy web services at large scale
    • Built dashboards for service observability
    • Built web services from the ground up
    • Analyzed infrastructure for potential vulnerabilities
That said, we're looking for people who love this problem and are dedicated to making it work. If you don't perfectly match the description but you're still interested - apply anyways. We're always ready to bring on great people, even if we weren't expecting it.

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