Mar 07, 2023

Zero-Knowledge Proof Engineer

  • Axiom
Full time Cryptography Engineering Research

Job Description

We are looking for a zero-knowledge proof engineer to join a startup using zero-knowledge proofs to scale smart contract applications. You will implement and optimize cutting-edge cryptographic code for zero-knowledge proof generation. The role will involve both optimizing the prover and implementing novel ZK circuits in Axiom, our first product. Your work will be critical in scaling Axiom to empower smart contract applications to trustlessly access more data and more diverse compute.

Your day-to-day work will involve implementing, benchmarking, and optimizing algorithms for cryptographic primitives in Rust. We are looking for someone with strong engineering fundamentals, problem solving skills, and willingness to learn new things. We will provide close mentorship and support to help candidates onboard in the novel fast-moving area of ZK. We expect backgrounds as diverse as high-frequency trading, math/physics/CS academia, and hardware engineering to be relevant.


  • Strong background in math/cryptography, or strong problem-solving skills and interest in zero-knowledge proofs.

  • Proficiency in Rust, C++, Golang, or Python. We work primarily in Rust, but prior experience is not mandatory.

  • Security and ownership mindset.

  • Prior experience with performance optimization is a plus!

  • Prior experience with Ethereum, (physical) chip design, low level optimization of cryptographic code, or zero-knowledge proofs are all helpful but not required.

About Us

We empower developers to build novel decentralized applications with the power of ZK. We believe blockchain applications have an unlimited appetite for data and compute, and zero-knowledge proofs are the key to providing it. We are tackling the hard research and engineering problems necessary to make ZK accessible to smart contract developers.

We are a small, well-funded team of researchers and developers backed by leading crypto investors. Our team previously wrote some of the most performant open-source ZK circuits, published number theory research in top mathematics journals, and worked in high frequency trading. Working on our team involves:

  • Working in-person at our New York office (remote possible but not preferred).

  • Competitive salary, equity, and benefits.

  • Working closely with a small elite team of researchers and developers.

We hope you will join us in our mission to unleash the power of ZK for crypto applications.

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