Mar 14, 2023

Senior Cryptography Zero-knowledge Proofs Engineer

  • IOHK
Full time Cryptography

Job Description


As a Senior Cryptography Engineer in Applied Cryptography at IOG you must be an engineer, an architect, an applied cryptographer and leader - it’s a multifaceted role. You have the exciting challenge of working with bleeding-edge research and technology, always with a focus on the market's needs. You will be a leader to an exceptional team. Working on everything from Post-Quantum prototypes to hand-optimisation of existing primitives to completely new products. To support you on this challenge, we have software architects, product managers, project managers, formal methods specialists and QA test engineers, with whom you must have high bandwidth communications.

You must possess a pragmatic mindset for building great products, knowing how to balance features, compromise, technical debt and effort, in order to get products shipped whilst their market impact is high.

Your mission

  • Champion of the applied cryptography team
  • Captain end to end development and delivery of new products
  • Spearhead prototyping of cryptographic products
  • Translate research into rigorous engineering specifications & implementations
  • Meticulously review cryptographic protocols and proposed primitives
  • Expert knowledge of ZK protocols, including PlonK and IPA commitment scheme
  • Expert knowledge of elliptic curve cryptography
  • Familiarity with blockchain cryptography and constructions
  • Practical experience with implementation of cryptographic primitives
  • Expert in terms of secure design (constant time, operational security, management of key material)
  • Document code and APIs concisely and unambiguously
  • Pragmatically adhere to software engineering principles (modularity, incremental development, no premature optimization, no feature creep, no speculative generality, ...)
  • Security sensibility related to cryptographic implementation
  • Good theoretical cryptography and mathematical knowledge
  • Ability to read cryptographic papers, explain them, and manage delivery of their implementation


Your expertise

  • Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or Applied Mathematics is desirable but not essential
  • A minimum of 4-5 years development experience (professional or otherwise) in Rust
  • Experience working with Git and version control
  • Expert knowledge of applied cryptographic engineering & best practices

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