Oct 12, 2023

VP Technology

  • Gnosis
Full time Engineering

Job Description

We are seeking a dedicated and value-aligned VP Technology to join our dynamic team at Gnosis. As VP Technology, you will play a pivotal role in advancing our mission to create a blockchain platform that empowers developers, businesses, and users alike. You will be responsible for providing technical leadership, fostering innovation, and ensuring the overall success of our technology initiatives.

Technical Leadership:

  • Provide strategic technical leadership to drive Gnosis Chain's long-term vision and goals

  • Collaborate with executive leadership to align technical strategies with overall company objectives

Core Development:

  • Oversee the development and maintenance of the core blockchain protocol, enabling the core dev coordinator and maintain relationships with individual client teams

  • Ensure timely implementation of EIPs for Gnosis Chain and oversee hard fork 

  • Lead and mentor a team of talented blockchain developers, ensuring code quality and security


  • Oversee the well-functioning devops department, ensuring the team is performant and cognizant of priorities

Developer Relations:

  • Oversee the creation and management of a developer-friendly ecosystem, including tools, documentation, and support

  • Foster collaboration with external developers and dApp creators to expand the Gnosis Chain ecosystem

  • Streamline developer onboarding and support to enhance the developer experience

Bridge Team:

  • Maintain relationship to bridge teams connecting Gnosis Chain with other blockchain networks

  • Oversee our own bridge infrastructure (omnibridge, xdai bridge, bridge explorer)

  • Collaborate with other blockchain projects to strengthen interoperability

Audit Team:

  • Manage our outstanding in-house audit team

  • Oversee the security audit process for Gnosis Chain's smart contracts and core components

  • Maintain a rigorous security standard and ensure compliance with best practices

  • Implement recommendations from security audits to enhance platform security

Team Leadership and Development:

  • Build and lead a high-performing technical team, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation

  • Provide coaching and mentorship to team members, enabling their professional growth

Technical Roadmap:

  • Develop and maintain a clear and ambitious technical roadmap, prioritizing key milestones and objectives

  • Coordinate research and development into technical upgrades not implemented by Ethereum such as the shutterized beacon chain and segmented blockspace

  • Ensure alignment between the technical roadmap and business goals

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