Feb 13, 2024

iOS/Android Native Mobile Engineer

$170,000 - $205,000 yearly
  • Puzzle
Full time Back-end development Blockchain developer Engineering Front-end development

Job Description

About Puzzle:

Puzzle is a team of UX, product, cryptography, and distributed systems experts who came from industries like big tech, cleantech, gaming, art/event tech, & gov tech. In Puzzle's collective experience building services in those industries like food delivery, we shared a feeling that we were effectively making the world a worse place. The services we were making were valuable, but the business model continued the trend of “Own Nothing, Be Happy” -- one of our generation's biggest puzzles.

Inspired in the wake of ConstitutionDAO and what's possible with onchain orgs, we believe that there is a more dynamic collective capitalism that's possible with more onchain users, onchain orgs, network businesses, and widespread privacy technology.

We're focused at the intersection of privacy technology, onchain users and onchain orgs by building a suite of products on top of blockchains such as wallets, multisigs, SDKs, and games on Aleo, Aztec and more. Puzzle is a leader in zk & privacy consumer products being the first ever grantees for consumer applications from Aleo, Aztec, Espresso and more. Puzzle has raised $4M from Bain Capital Crypto and from 6MV --- one of the top VC's in the ZK space and one of the top VC's in the web3 consumer products space respectively.

About the Role:

Puzzle is searching for a standout iOS or Android Mobile Engineer to be the lead and founding member of our Aleo Arcade Team. The Aleo Arcade is the first digital arcade where game developers can help lift up their own community stores by offering discounts and giveaways to stores in exchange for game points. As the first fully dedicated member to this area, you will have the ability to lead and influence in design and development of a digital arcade experience that will help lift up indie game developers and small businesses in their local region alike.  You'll be responsible for meeting with users and their businesses (both game devs and consumer shops) to discover what's the best way to serve their needs in growing their own businesses. This is an incredible opportunity to lead an initiative where you get to work at the intersection of exciting deep technical work and direct impact work helping people grow their businesses.


  • Share in the internet values: A belief in open & free information/markets, a belief in meritocracy and opportunity for all, and a belief in the existence of a plurality of systems or beliefs concurrently coexisting.
  • Share our company values of Good, Safe, Real, Wild:
    • 💖 Good: be user centric and empathetic -- not just in it for the $$ -- care about building something that impacts people positively -- care about inventing and optimizing your product like a craftsman
    • 🔒 Safe: security is always top priority -- be and build reliably -- be trustworthy to users 
    • 🌟 Real: No BS, no tricks, no schemes -- honesty and transparency is the only policy
    • 🧩 Wild: Risk-taking, exploratory, iconoclastic, innovative, builder

  • 🏎️ Speed: Action produces information. Fast can learn from experience while slow can only theorize. Those who ship quickly can improve quickly. As a lead, you will be responsible for owning the Aleo Arcade product and acting on these principles accordingly. 

  • Ownership & Collaboration: In this role, you get the vision and then get to create the strategy, iterate and take ownership of building the Aleo Arcade with speed. You must also be a team player who enjoys working across different teams and user journeys as is the nature of this product. You must be able to communicate clearly with the team on the tradeoff space you're operating in and act decisively on product decisions. 


  • Kotlin 💜 or Swift 🦅

  • UI framework knowledge to deliver the best UX

  • 2-3 years of experience as an Android or iOS Engineer

  • Network protocols and data persistence techniques

  • Architecture design patterns

  • Security best practices for safeguarding data on a mobile device

  • Experience in blockchain technologies

  • Eager to research and learn new technologies

  • DevOps skills

What We Offer:

  • Salary: $170,600 - $202,000 USD

  • This role is remote with the ability to travel up to 20% for team ‘onsite’ meetings or major conferences such as ETH CC or Devconnect. 

  • We have an co-working space in Los Angeles and New York with the flexibility to rent in other locations. 

  • Health insurance: United Healthcare Choice Plus (medical dental, vision, HSA) 85% premium coverage for employees, 75% for dependents. Gym memberships covered as well.

  • Generous company equity as a seed employee

  • Paid time off: Unlimited (3-5 weeks is the norm)

  • 11 paid holidays, sick leave, etc. 

  • A supportive, collaborative, and fun work environment.

  • Leadership Coaching and opportunities for professional growth, learning, and development.

  • Equipment - tech setup of your choice.

Our Commitment to Inclusion: We are equal opportunity and value diversity. We do not discriminate. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all.

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