Mar 23, 2024

Senior Developer Relations Engineer (Polygon ID)

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Full time Engineering

Job Description

About Polygon ID
Polygon ID is a decentralized identity toolset for Web3 - It provides the toolset to secure the chain of trust from credential issuers (sources of trust) all the way to the applications that need to verify user credentials (the holder of the credentials), all while empowering the user to control what information is shared with these apps in a privacy-preserving manner.
Job Summary
We are looking for a crypto native with strong knowledge of decentralized identity solutionsfor the role of Developer Relations Engineer to join our efforts to engage and drive the adoption of Polygon ID. In this role, you will be responsible for working closely with developers to educate them and create a vibrant developer community around Polygon ID. You will engage with developers to help them build with Polygon ID and promote the software and related tooling, as well as work closely with other teams to ensure the success of developers building with Polygon ID. You will also work closely with product and engineering teams to provide developer feedback and help enrich the product development lifecycle by providing insights from the wider developer ecosystem. You will report to the head of Marketing and Developer Experience of Polygon ID.
Key Job Responsibilities
As part of your role you will be responsible for leading the developer relationships and education for Polygon ID and you will:
  • Represent Polygon ID at both in-person and virtual events and hackathons: from crafting bounties with internal product teams; to judging cool hackathon projects; to unblocking developers who are looking to build in Web3/SSI.
  • Develop educational material, technical documentation, code samples, and other resources to make it easy for developers to get started building with Polygon ID.
  • World wide responsibility. You will spend part of your time traveling.
  • Participate in the definition of the Developer Relationship and Developers Education strategy and execute it to achieve awareness and real adoption of Polygon ID.
  • Be capable of addressing both large and small audiences, catering to both experienced individuals and newcomers when speaking in public.
  • Engage with developers communities and grow to new ones even beyond Web3: online (Discord, Telegram, X, etc.) and IRL.
  • Bring insights from the community to the product team and work with technical writers, marketing and other functional areas to measure and deliver the best developer and user experience.
  • Work with the product team to prioritize developer feedback and feature requests.
  • Build collaborations with technology companies, SSI projects, Web3 protocols and other related entities to maximize the value Polygon ID delivers to developers and the wider community.
A Day in the Life
Your daily routine will consist of the following:
  • Organizing the entire lifecycle of a hackathon from crafting bounties with internal product teams; to judging cool hackathon projects; to unblocking developers who are looking to build in Web3/SSI.
  • Building reference implementations in Javascript, GoLang, Solidity or Rust.
  • Making social media content on current narratives surrounding Polygon ID.
  • Writing X/Twitter threads, blog posts, and articles on emerging developer technologies, internal or external.
  • Recording educational videosSpeaking at events either IRL or virtually.
  • Engage the developer community to inform them about new releases, upcoming product roadmap improvements. Also receive feedback on improvements and bugs from the community.
  • Interact in Discord servers, TG and other channels with Developers.
  • Measure success of the different actions/campaigns with the goal of achieving real adoption of Polygon ID.

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