Sep 11, 2021

Full Stack Engineer (Backend Focus)

$95,000 - $170,000 yearly
  • Aztec
Full time Back-end development

Job Description

Role Focus

  • Adapting the current system to interoperate with DeFi protocols.
  • Scaling the backend to achieve target throughputs.
  • Modifying browser data structures to make practically useable with high data volumes.
  • Creation of client side proofs for interaction with trusted platform modules such as biometric scanners.

Internal Tech Stack

  • C++ for the core cryptography library.
  • Rust for our smart contract language Noir.
  • Solidity for our Ethereum based smart contracts.
  • TypeScript for all higher level code. (jest, koa, ethers, react).
  • WebAssembly builds of our crypto library in Web Workers for in browser operability.
  • Terraform used for defining all infrastructure on AWS.
  • CircleCI pipeline developed for all builds and deployments.

Required Experience

  • Knowledge of algorithms, data structures, systems level programming, etc.
  • 8+ years solid engineering experience.
  • Automated testing of all mission critical code.
  • A high degree of focus on code quality and reducing complexity.
  • Full stack capable, but with a focus on backend architecture, development and deployment at scale.
  • Cloud compute experience, preferably in AWS.
  • Able to provide clear and constructive feedback on less senior engineers PR's, mentoring where necessary.
  • A passion for blockchain, it's potential, and what we're trying to achieve.

We Offer

  • A highly competitive compensation package (including equity).
  • Flexible with remote working.
  • 25 days holiday + bank holidays.
  • An opportunity to work with a world class cryptography and engineering team.
  • An opportunity to work at the cutting edge of blockchain and fintech.

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