Jan 03, 2022

Head of DeFi Engineering

  • Zilliqa Research Pte Ltd
Full time Blockchain developer Engineering

Job Description


We are looking for an experienced DeFi hacker to lead the role of Head of DeFi Engineering at Zilliqa. This is a vital role to drive and position Zilliqa as a hub for DeFi activities. 

As Head of DeFi engineering, you will be reporting to SVP Platform Engineering and will be co-leading the team to:

  • Design and engineer new and innovative DeFi DApps for the Zilliqa ecosystem
  • Design good tokenomics for DeFi Dapps
  • Support DeFi initiative from the Zilliqa ecosystem
  • Promote DeFi within the Zilliqa ecosystem


  • Understand existing DeFi trends and gaps within the Zilliqa ecosystem 
  • Lead a team of engineers in designing DeFi DApp from smart contracts to UI/UX
  • Work with leading ecosystem DeFi DApp team in Zilliqa ecosystem
  • Lead governance discussion in various DeFi and Zilliqa initiatives


  • Passionate about the cryptocurrency and blockchain fields with a strong interest in CeFi and DeFi. You love to constantly learn and keep abreast of trends and developments in the industry. Degen and DeFi hacker is a plus
  • Computer science background
  • 3+ years experience in full-stack development and smart contract developments (eg. Solidity, Scilla)
  • Good understanding of both in functionality and engineering aspects of web3 tooling and leading DeFi project team eg. Aave. Yearn, Sushi, L2, etc… 
  • Good understanding of crypto-economics 
  • Good understanding of spot and derivative markets eg. Perpetual is a plus
  • Participation in Crypto hackathons is a plus

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