Jan 03, 2022

Research Engineer (Anonymous Networking)

  • HashCloak Inc
Full time Cryptography Research

Job Description

We are hiring a research engineer that will help us bring our internal [Meson](https://github.com/hashcloak/Meson) mixnet project to the world. As a Research Engineer at HashCloak, you will have the opportunity to work on developing Meson mixnet public testnets, contributing research to the field of anonymous networking and integrate these emerging ideas into Meson.

Meson, a multi-chain mix network focused on bringing network-level privacy to your favorite chains. It currently supports Binance Chain and Ethereum (and its derivatives!). It has received funding from the Binance X Fellowship and the Ethereum Foundation.

Your main responsibilities would be to help navigate our internal Meson project and help out with our consulting engagements. We aim to provide you with an environment in which you can explore you interests and contribute to these projects and engagements as you see fit. Our eventual goal as a company is to provide our workers with the flexibility to work on projects of their choosing while still participating in consulting engagements. The team is interested in many exciting areas at the intersection of cryptography, game theory, and finance, such as anonymous networking, private information retrieval, and zero-knowledge proofs. You will be working with a small, young and international team based in different time zones around the world. We are a remote-only company and have a very flexible and relaxed culture.

This role is a great fit for someone that is a software engineer that wants to transition into a hybrid role at the intersection of R&D!

## Responsibilities

* Research and prototype ideas around mix networks and anonymous networking
* Coordinate with other teams at HashCloak to integrate Meson
* Contribute to Meson's everchanging roadmap
* Assist clients in their cryptography and distributed systems need
* Contribute to open source projects that we use in our research
* Stay up to date on research and development in the blockchain and cryptography ecosystems


* Master's degree or above in cryptography, computer science, mathematics or related fields or equivalent experience
* 3+ years programming experience in a systems programming language such as C/C++, Go (Preferred), Rust (Preferred).
* Knowledge of one or more of the following: mixnet infrastructure, private information retrieval (PIR), anonymous networking, zero-knowledge proofs, multiparty computation (MPC)
* Knowledge of secure software practices
* Experience in deploying production-ready applications

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