Jan 07, 2022

Research Engineer, CryptoCompute Lab

  • Protocol Labs
Full time Engineering Research

Job Description

We seek talented researchers and engineers who have a fiery passion to build foundational infrastructure for the fabric of human knowledge; who wish to work on the bleeding edge of cryptographic primitives & high performance computing; and who understand the value of creating resilient, open, and excellent software.

CryptoCompute Lab

Protocol Labs has created a new research lab focused on cryptography and high performance computing (CryptoCompute Lab). This lab supports engineering teams by solving "problems-to-be" before they impact operational systems and networks (such as IPFS, libp2p, and Filecoin) and also supports them on existing bottlenecks.

In 2020 alone, CryptoComputeLab delivered, among many other things:- A production-ready implementation of the Proofs of SpaceTime used by Filecoin.- The fastest implementation: zkSNARK implementation based on Groth16- The above power the live Filecoin network, producing around 4 Million zkSNARKs per day, the largest deployment of zkSNARKs to date.- A state-of-the-art BLS signature implementation.

Research Engineering at Protocol Labs

We are hiring a Research Engineer to pursue our vision in building and expanding the Crypto Compute Lab. The engineer is expected to take part in work related to surveying academic literature, implementing, and evaluating designs nurtured within the lab and also identifying problems with existing designs in production deployments.

We believe in an Open Source and Open Collaboration approach to creation. We keep our egos checked at the door and work as a team to tackle the many hard research and engineering challenges required to make systems resilient.

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