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Jun 12, 2024  
$150,000 - $200,000 yearly
The Role Provable is seeking a talented Developer Relations Lead to provide a key link between the Leo team and the Aleo developer ecosystem. This role is your stage to interact with users, educate developers, and grow the broader community. You will collaborate with brilliant minds in product and engineering, ensuring that internal teams and external developers are aligned and benefiting from one another. You will become a Leo power user and use your engineering skills to research novel use cases and applications. You should have a passion for open-source software and community development. Your work will impact a global ecosystem of developers on Aleo’s decentralized network. Responsibilities Develop and publish content to educate and inspire developers on using Provable's products and services, specifically the Leo programming language. Manage critical interfaces with the developer community, including Core Developer Calls, Discord, and in-person...
Provable Inc. Full time
Jun 12, 2024  
$150,000 - $250,000 yearly
Summary Provable is seeking dedicated Rust engineers to help build the world’s leading developer platform for zero-knowledge applications. As a Provable software engineer, you will join a small team building tools to maintain and grow the Aleo ecosystem. This may include microservices, infrastructure, as well as other web3 enabled applications. You will be tasked with scoping, designing, and implementing scalable data pipelines that bring web3 to the forefront. You should have a passion for open-source software and understand that your code will be widely used by ecosystem contributors. By architecting new frameworks, transforming data, and shipping production-ready code, you will be contributing to a fast growing team that is passionate about privacy and transforming the digital age. Key Qualifications Proficiency in Rust. Ability to clearly communicate and document your thoughts and code. At least 3 years of experience in software engineering,...
Provable Inc. Full time
Jun 12, 2024  
$200,000 - $275,000 yearly
The Role Provable is seeking talented Compiler Engineers to build Leo, a domain-specific language that abstracts the complexities of zero-knowledge proofs and allows developers to intuitively build applications on the Aleo blockchain. You will play a critical role in the design of the Leo language, from adding fundamental features to incorporating advanced language concepts. You will research novel optimizations, improve internal abstractions, and develop better tooling for the Leo compiler. You should have a passion for open-source software and programming languages. You will collaborate with a core group of stakeholders and make decisions that will define the future of Leo. Your work will empower developers to build novel applications on Aleo. Responsibilities Design and develop new language-level features in Leo, ranging from standard features like type inference to more advanced ones like first-class functions. Improve the quality of the Leo...
Provable Inc. Full time
Jun 12, 2024  
$100,000 - $150,000 yearly
What we're looking for We seek a VP of Engineering to oversee and coordinate our development activities internally and externally. We expect you to build and improve our internal and external processes and oversee the following activities. You’d primarily contribute to the systematic coordination of development activities, but you would not be afraid to take action and contribute to code, too, if necessary. You have a fundamental understanding of distributed systems and how Linux works behind the scenes. All additional experience in low-level systems and expertise in the ZK field are considered to your benefit. Responsibilities Build internal development processes and oversee our development with our CTO Build processes and oversee the development of external teams contributing to the protocol Build processes and oversee client and prover integrations Work closely with us as we build additional features, functionality, and applications Understand Gevulot...
Gevulot Full time
Jun 05, 2024  
$150,000 - $220,000 yearly
At O(1) Labs, our mission is to catalyze a new generation of applications powered by zero-knowledge cryptography. We are looking for a talented and motivated engineer to join the O(1) Labs Engineering team. This is a chance to join a small, collaborative team and have a ton of independence while working on fascinating, inter-disciplinary problems.   The role We’re looking for a software engineer to join the SDK team and help build tools that drive zero knowledge application (zkApp) development, both on Mina Protocol and standalone. These tools include   o1js   and the   zkapp-cli . They are written predominantly in TypeScript and interact with systems written in Rust and OCaml. In this role, you will: Build and maintain   o1js , which entails integrating with various cryptographic systems and utilizing Mina Protocol Build and maintain the   zkapp-cli , which scaffolds zkApps and provides developer tooling for testing and deployment to the Mina Protocol Create...
O1Labs Full time
May 27, 2024  
$180,000 - $250,000 yearly
Role Summary As a cryptographic software engineer at Ulvetanna, you will contribute to internal and open-source zk-SNARK proving codebases, analyze their performance, and propose and implement optimizations. Tasks may include to modifying and refactoring the codebases to utilize hardware coprocessors, reading and implementing zero-knowledge cryptography research, reverse engineering high-level algorithms from open-source software and smart contracts, and designing or analyzing arithmetic constraint systems for verifiable programs. Team members work closely with the FPGA engineers to specify algorithms implemented in hardware, and with the systems software engineers to interface efficiently with hardware acceleration units. Necessary Qualifications A deep passion for technology, software development, and secure computing Demonstrated ability to deliver software projects from inception to completion Understanding of algorithm design and computer architecture Experience...
Ulvetanna Full time
May 27, 2024  
About us  launched in 2018 with a mission to positively influence the development of PoS technologies. Since our launch we have grown to manage 8+ billion USD in staked assets across more than 130 institutional clients and 38 unique blockchain networks and now  is a global  Top-3  Non-Custodial staking provider. has successfully raised $23M in a Series A Funding Round. This funding will support services for direct holders and also launch a new infrastructure platform for intermediaries, such as those offering custody, wallets, and exchanges. We provide: ✅ staking infrastructure and services for banks, custodians, exchanges, wallets and institutional investors. ✅  blockchain foundation teams with infrastructure and services for faster product development. ✅  investors with a single entry point to all blockchains. ✅  developers with access to blockchain data. is comprised of talented, inspiring individuals spread around the... Full time
May 27, 2024  
$160,000 - $260,000 yearly
Pluto is an applied cryptography organization that develops cutting-edge, developer and user-friendly tools for adding advanced cryptography to applications. We focus on leveraging applied cryptography protocols to expand the capabilities of what developers can do on-chain today. We are a hands-on, product-focused organization. We believe that cryptography holds the key to protecting the openness of the internet, and that's why we are dedicated to making cryptography as accessible as possible for developers everywhere. We are a small team of builders. Our engineers previously worked at Uber, Stripe, Lockheed Martin and YC funded startups. Together with our investors   Geometry   and   Variant , we are building at the frontier of Zero Knowledge Protocols. Our fully remote team is based in NYC and California. The role: We are hiring for a skilled Applied Cryptographer who will play a pivotal role in developing our advanced proving system. As part of our dynamic...
Pluto Full time
May 23, 2024  
Web3 Marketing Manager About the hiring company We are a seed-stage, stealth-mode rocket ship on a mission to accelerate adoption of zero-knowledge proofs. While the demand to generate proofs is exploding, the web3 ecosystem lacks a scalable infrastructure to generate proofs. We are building a cost-efficient and performant marketplace for proof generation, where the supply is a distributed network of GPUs, FPGAs and ASICs around the world. Our company is led and founded by a renowned cryptographer, Dr. Vanishree Rao (Twitter/X, LinkedIn), who led cryptography for the Mina Protocol and a suite of projects at IOHK. She has obtained her PhD in cryptography with Prof. Amit Sahai at UCLA, where she published multiple papers on zero-knowledge proofs and many other cryptography topics at Tier 1 conferences. Job Description The Web3 Marketing Manager will be responsible for the development and execution of growth-driven marketing strategies. The individual in this role will...
Prover Network Full time
May 15, 2024  
$100,000 - $200,000 yearly
What we're looking for We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who can turn ideas into reliable, beautifully written code that others will find easy to comprehend and modify. You have a fundamental understanding of distributed systems and how Linux works behind the scenes. While this is not strictly a theory position, you should also be able to demonstrate some experience and comprehension of zero-knowledge proofs. All additional experience in low-level systems is considered to your benefit. Responsibilities Integrate new prover programs to run on Gevulot Network Work closely with us as we build additional features, functionality, and applications Understand Gevulot infrastructure in detail to ideate and execute areas of improvement Implement and contribute to engineering practices and processes Qualifications 2+ years of experience in Rust, through official work or personal projects Experience with working zero knowledge prover code, e.g.:...
Gevulot Full time