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May 09, 2022  
About The Role Aleo is hiring a Developer Evangelist to provide educational resources to our developer community.  The ideal candidate is someone with a passion for digital privacy as well as experience working in the blockchain/cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the first Developer Evangelist, you will be supporting our existing community as well as on-boarding new developers.   You’ll enjoy presenting and training developers of all experience levels via conferences, hackathons, or relevant meetups. In addition, you’ll be comfortable mentoring developers and helping them build applications on the Aleo platform.   What you’ll be doing: Create  engaging and compelling content, including technical talks, blog posts, and technical videos that educate developers on important technologies and trends. Design and create  applications and sample codes that closely match our target use cases. Provide developers support to our grant recipient developers in  helping them...
Aleo Full time
May 05, 2022  
Aptos is a people-first blockchain on a mission to help billions of people achieve universal and fair access to decentralized assets in a safe and scalable way. Founded by some of the original creators and maintainers that researched, designed, and built the Diem blockchain to serve this purpose, we have dedicated several years toward this mission. We believe the open-source Diem technology we have developed is an important foundation of a safe and scalable web3 world where everyone has more equitable opportunities to grow and access financial assets with lower fees and fewer intermediaries.   Aptos (Ohlone for "The People") encompasses our mission and ethos for why we build. About The Role As part of the Blockchain Research team, you will be working closely with the engineering team to bridge between state-of-the-art research and cutting edge technology. The scope, as it currently stands, is open-ended, but some projects will likely be from the following...
Aptos Labs Full time
May 04, 2022  
About us:  ZKValidator is a mission driven validator aiming to raise the profile of zero knowledge and privacy technology in the blockchain space. We currently operate across eight proof-of-stake blockchain networks each of which you will be exploring in this role as well as additional networks. Our team consists of members with extensive and varied experience in the blockchain space and specifically in the zero knowledge community.   The Role: We are looking for a Junior Researcher who is interested in exploring and writing about Zero Knowledge and other emerging fields of cryptography, Proof-of-Stake, Bridges, Rollups, MEV, and other cutting edge meta blockchain topics. Specifically we are looking to explore the ways in which these intersect with privacy. We would also like to see this person work with us to craft our Governance platforms and voting strategy within the networks we operate on.    You will be responsible for researching...
Zero Knowledge Validator Full time
May 03, 2022  
The opportunity: You will be a part of the Global Blockchain team, an innovative and collaborative group of technical developers, cryptographers, mathematicians and business strategists who are dedicated to the application of blockchain technology and the development of world-class products. At EY, you will help our clients, some of the most influential companies, explore emergent applications and transform the way the world does business. Essential Functions of the Job: You will have the opportunity to drive the creation of advanced mathematics for Blockchain technologies and to enable high-value offerings in one or more of our Service Lines Help design in the emerging space of distributing computing applications Develop advanced Zero Knowledge Proof protocols, Homomorphic Encryption, and conventional cryptographic tools relevant to Blockchain Help us to develop practical applications using the above tools Perform world-class zero knowledge proof...
EY Full time
May 02, 2022  
About Axelar Axelar is the universal interoperability network connecting all blockchain ecosystems, applications, assets, and users. Axelar network consists of a protocol suite, tools, and APIs, designed to break down the barriers to cross-chain communication. Powered by a decentralized open network of validators; anyone can join the network, use it and build on it. The Axelar network makes cross-chain communication as simple as using http(s) protocols on the web. Platform developers can plug-in their blockchains to other ecosystems, and application builders and users can leverage a simple protocol and API to access global liquidity and communicate with the entire ecosystem. The Axelar   team   has deep roots in distributed systems, consensus, and cryptography. The venture has   raised over $65M   at a $1B valuation from leading backers such as Polychain, Dragonfly Capital, Rockaway Blockchain Fund, Coinbase, Binance X, DCVC, and others. It was founded by Sergey Gorbunov...
Axelar Full time
Apr 28, 2022  
We seek an Engineering Manager to take responsibility for building novel software technology in the world of blockchains - decentralized computing systems that put people back in control of their digital lives. About Us Mina Foundation is a public benefit corporation serving the Mina Protocol, the world's lightest blockchain. Mina Protocol's native cryptocurrency, MINA, is the first with a small constant-size blockchain. The Foundation supports participants, strategically allocates resources, ensures network health and security, promotes adoption, and champions MINA in the wider world. Mina solves 3 of the most difficult challenges in the blockchain space: privacy, scalability, and decentralization. Join the team realizing this vision. Profile You, as Engineering Manager, will bear full responsibility for at least one software engineering team, for the delivery of product features, and for the accomplishment of team missions. You must be a leader skilled at...
Mina Foundation Full time