We are going to fix the internet.

Yes, you read that right. The internet of today is largely owned by Amazon and its competitors, and users of most platforms on the internet have very little control over how their data is used. We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to create a more open internet where competition thrives and users own their own data. Blockchains like Ethereum have proven that we can build fantastic user applications on Web3. However; the problem with existing blockchain tech is that it doesn’t scale. It’s too expensive and slow for everyday people to transact. We are aiming to fix that.

RISC Zero is a cutting edge technology company that is using Zero Knowledge Proofs to scale blockchain tech. We have created an open source virtual machine using RISC-V which will allow developers without experience in Solidity or other custom built blockchain languages to begin building decentralized applications. Our goal is to make the future of Web3 cheaper, faster and more private. 

We have a super transparent pay structure, and we pay above market salaries with premium benefits. Additionally, the founders have created a fair equity compensation plan that is designed to create real stakeholders. There is no cliff, which means you begin vesting from Day 1. 

We have assembled a diverse team of hackers, crypto futurists and nerds to take back the web. We are looking for talented people of all backgrounds, in any location, to join us on our mission.