Institute of Free Technology (IFT)

Fostering innovation, defending digital liberties

A mission-driven tech startup studio. We take ideas from the drawing board to market with financial, technical, legal, people operations, and brand-building support at every step.

Our startups are free to focus on what they do best — building public goods to safeguard civil liberties in the digital age.

The Institute of Free Technology emerged from Status, which Jarrad Hope and Carl Bennetts founded to enable the free flow of information and protect the right to private, secure conversations in 2017.

Over time, gaps in the infrastructure required to deliver Status in a form that fully reflects its founders’, contributors’, and users’ values became apparent, and the project’s scope widened. The IFT and the startups it incubates are the product of this expanded scope.

Part of our family are Logos, Status and Nimbus.