O(1) Labs is a software development company and leader in verifiable computation. We incubated, and are a current contributor to Mina Protocol, an open source software project, which uses advanced cryptography and recursive zk-SNARKs to create an entire blockchain that is and always will be about 22kb, the size of a few tweets.

Founded in 2017, we are a fully remote org.

Mar 25, 2024  
$170,000 - $193,000 yearly
At O(1) Labs our mission is to catalyze a new generation of applications powered by zero-knowledge cryptography. We are looking for a talented and motivated engineer or architect to join the O(1) Labs Engineering team. This is a chance to join a small, collaborative team and have a ton of independence while working on fascinating cross-disciplinary problems.   Responsibilities Drive application use-case definition and adoption of o1’s zero knowledge proof technology (primarily the o1js SDK) in applications, with benefits that can include privacy and gas cost efficiency amongst many others. This will be achieved both through working with partners and at times through hands-on building of application components for the market.     Own partner technical relationships, including responsibility for progressing partners’ adoption of o1js and its use with the Mina blockchain (e.g., proactively following up with and mentoring technical counterparts). Assist partners in...
O1Labs Full time
Mar 14, 2024  
$143,000 - $180,000 yearly
We’re seeking a   Product Manager   for our Protocol team. O(1) Labs recently launched Mina Protocol, the world’s lightest blockchain (22KB - the size of a couple tweets) powered by recursive Snarks technology.  Mina’s small size blockchain solves three of the most difficult challenges in the blockchain space - privacy, scalability, and decentralization. The Berkeley hard fork will bring programmable privacy to the blockchain world with zkApps powered by o1j. The   Protocol Product Manager   will: Build strong relationships with Mina Ecosystem partners Show strong project management skills in addition to core PM skills Talk to customers (e.g. node operators, staking pool operators, and developers) and build up customer segments and ideal customer profiles Analyze the industry to establish trends and opportunities Influence Mina Protocol Roadmap with customer, industry, and technology insights Identify and track metrics Evaluate and prioritize specific...
O1Labs Full time