Scroll is building the technology to scale Ethereum.

While Ethereum is the leading blockchain network for powering decentralized applications, this popularity among users and developers has increased costs and congestion, creating a barrier to adoption for the next generation of users.

Scroll removes these barriers by expanding access to Ethereum without changing how users and developers interact with it. Scroll’s technology empowers new use cases and audiences for Web3 by allowing greater amounts of network activity on Ethereum, more quickly and at a lower cost.

We’re leading and building on cutting-edge research in zero-knowledge proofs, hardware acceleration, and blockchain protocol design to create a revolutionary Layer 2 for Ethereum backed by a zkEVM and a decentralized network of infrastructure providers.

Our team values open collaboration with leaders in the ecosystem and embraces a long-term vision for growing Ethereum’s reach and capacity without compromising on developer experience, security, decentralization, censorship resistance, or open-source values.