Luminous Labs

Luminous Labs is an R&D firm contributing to Light Protocol, which is ZK, Privacy and Compliance infrastructure for Solana.

For DeFi/crypto to scale to 1B+ users, we need solutions that protect sensitive user data on blockchains. At Luminous Labs, we are building the world’s fastest ZK infrastructure. Light Protocol will enable any developer to easily build scalable ZK applications ready for mainstream adoption.

Jan 31, 2023  
Luminous Labs is looking for a full time cryptography engineer, responsibilities ranging from implementing Plonk, in Rust, on the Solana blockchain, to researching, selecting and implementing Light Protocol on a faster proving system, possibly an advanced Plonk variant, Starks or a mix. You will work with a small team to design and implement scalable privacy with zero knowledge proofs on Solana. At Luminous Labs, we believe privacy is critical for mainstream adoption of blockchains. We are looking to make seamless privacy a reality with privacy infrastructure and an SDK to enable any Solana project to integrate private transactions. Learn more at: , Responsibilities: design and implement cryptographic protocols optimize zero knowledge proof generation and verification...
Luminous Labs Full time