Our mission is to empower developers to build novel decentralized applications with the power of ZK. We believe blockchains have an unlimited appetite for data and compute, and recent advances in zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) are the key to providing it. We are tackling the hard research and engineering problems necessary to make ZK accessible to smart contract developers.

Our first product, Axiom, is a ZK coprocessor for Ethereum which provides smart contracts trustless access to all on-chain data and arbitrary expressive compute over it. Like GPUs do for CPUs today, Axiom augments the capabilities of standard blockchain consensus with zero-knowledge proofs. Smart contracts query Axiom for functions of historic on-chain data like they query oracles today, and we deliver ZK-verified results on-chain for trustless downstream use.

We are hiring developers to join us in developing, scaling, and optimizing Axiom. We are a small, focused team taking cutting-edge research breakthroughs in ZKPs from academic papers to robust production systems. We care deeply about delivering a robust and easy-to-use experience for application developers, and we solve hard technical problems at scale to make that possible. We hope you will join us in our journey to unleash the power of ZK for crypto applications.