Cysic focuses on hardware acceleration for zero-knowledge proof (ZKP). ZKP is widely used in the blockchain industry for both privacy and scalability. The goal of Cysic is to provide blazing fast proof generation service to any project that uses ZKP, via our own hardware (FPGA or ASIC). Cysic is backed by top-tier crypto VCs, and has closely collaborated with multiple ecosystem partners, including Anoma, Axiom, BTQ, Electron Labs, Espresso Systems, Herodotus, Hyper Oracle, Manta Network, Mina, Modulus Labs, Nil Foundation and Scroll. 

Mar 16, 2023  
Arch/RTL Team is the beginning of everything in our Company.. We have assembled a team of star performers with industry-leading performance, and we are hungry for even more. The team is primarily responsible for the implementation of the design, you will be defining the architecture of the chip, making sure it can deliver GPU-crushing performance and perf/watt, perf/$. Expectations: Defining architecture and microarchitecture of design modules Rapidly implementing hardware acceleration building blocks for specific algorithms PPA evaluation and optimization.   Qualifications (Must-have) Strong understanding of ASIC flow and PPA optimization skills . (Strong plus) High-speed I/O interface integration (DDR/PCIe/Serdes) (Strong plus) Covering some of the ASIC mid-end flow and verification work (Plus) FPGA prototyping and Emulation
Cysic Full time