Equilibrium is one of the world’s leading developers of decentralized technologies, including blockchains and related systems. We design, build, and implement cutting-edge solutions for critical web3 infrastructure. We are a rapidly growing, globally distributed, remote-first organization of ~60 people (including engineers, economists, and cryptographers) across ~20 countries.

We value open source innovation, co-creative ways of working, enhanced privacy, improved autonomy and absolute control of data. Equilibrium strives to serve as the most attractive community and workplace for deep, diversified web3 expertise.

We are a trusted engineering partner and long-term strategic adviser to blue chip, Tier I technology companies, operating at the forefront of the blockchain industry. Our core engineering services span the full lifecycle of R&D, design and implementation. We focus on key technology initiatives and breakthrough projects in the cryptoeconomy, delivering infrastructure that fundamentally unlocks scalability and new paths to value creation for our clients.