At Webb, we regard privacy as a fundamental human right. As we increasingly participate in the multi-chain world, from transferring assets to buying NFTs, it becomes crucial that our activities are not exposed to just anyone with an internet connection, just as our day-to-day activities are private to the world. Webb is dedicated to changing this status quo by building and contributing to privacy tools for blockchains.


Webb's primary goal is to improve privacy, particularly focusing on cross-chain activities. The majority of our efforts are directed toward developing our private bridge protocol, the Webb Anchor System, and the Tangle Network, a decentrally-governed platform for cross-chain zero-knowledge Applications, as well as several other protocols and tools that are entered into the open-source ecosystem for the use and research of all.

Jul 13, 2023  
$100,000 - $200,000 yearly
Webb builds innovative zero-knowledge products, and we're expanding our team to bridge the realms of cutting-edge cryptography with practical Solidity development. We're on the lookout for Cryptography Engineers with a strong foundation in both cryptographic protocol design and Solidity programming . If you're passionate about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in decentralized privacy solutions, we want to hear from you. Your Role at Webb : Spearhead the design and development of zero-knowledge circuits and VM architectures that seamlessly integrate with diverse blockchain ecosystems. Dive deep into cryptographic tools and methodologies, steering the direction of our interoperable privacy system. Contribute to the research, design, and deployment of systems that harness zero-knowledge primitives and multi-party protocols. Craft detailed research specifications, and draft grant proposals underpinning the Webb Protocol's components. Integrate advanced...
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