We're on a mission to transform the internet for the better. Our team of innovative hackers, visionary futurists, and passionate nerds is devoted to creating a digital space that's safe, inclusive, and empowers everyone. By developing the world's first zero-knowledge virtual machine, we've laid the groundwork for running arbitrary code as a zero-knowledge proof. Now, we're ambitiously constructing an entire ecosystem around this groundbreaking technology. We have raised a total of $54 million and announced our $40 million Series A funding round in July 2023.

To ensure effective collaboration and seamless communication across our global team, all candidates must be available to overlap with the Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone for at least 3 hours during regular business hours. This requirement is essential for maintaining efficient workflow, participating in team meetings, and facilitating timely responses to customer inquiries and internal requests.

Jan 04, 2024  
$237,600 - $288,000 yearly
We are seeking a world class Staff ZK Cryptographer to enhance our zero-knowledge proof system and stay at the forefront of cryptographic innovation. This role involves the development of advanced cryptographic protocols tailored for zero-knowledge proof applications and the enhancement of our core proof system, zkVM. We are looking for candidates who are deeply invested in the field of zk cryptography and who exhibit a strong sense of curiosity and dedication to the craft. If you have a track record of developing cryptographic solutions and are excited about pioneering new protocols in the ZKP space, we would love to hear from you. Key Responsibilities: Develop and refine cryptographic protocols for various use cases of ZKPs. Continuously improve the zkVM, our core proof system, ensuring its robustness and efficiency. Provide support for ZKP-enabled cryptographic protocols, including analysis for partners and the creation of demonstrations....
RISC Zero Full time