Puzzle is a team of UX, product, cryptography, and distributed systems experts who came from industries like big tech, cleantech, gaming, art/event tech, & gov tech. In Puzzle's collective experience building services in those industries like food delivery, we shared a feeling that we were effectively making the world a worse place. The services were valuable, but the business model continued the trend of “Own Nothing, Be Happy” -- one of our generation's biggest puzzles.

Inspired in the wake of ConstitutionDAO and what's possible with onchain orgs, we believe that there is a more dynamic collective capitalism that's possible with more onchain users, onchain orgs, network businesses, and widespread privacy technology.

We're focused at the intersection of privacy technology, onchain users and onchain orgs by building a suite of products on top of blockchains such as wallets, multisigs, DeFi, SDKs, and hidden information games. Puzzle is a leader in zk & privacy consumer products being the first ever grantee for consumer applications from Aleo, Aztec, Espresso and more. Puzzle has raised $4M from Bain Capital Crypto and from 6MV --- one of the top VC's in the ZK space and one of the top VC's in the web3 consumer products space respectively.

Puzzle is focused on leveraging its products to build out the Aleo Arcade for zkGames and Giveaways in the Puzzle Wallet. This is a B2B2C endeavor that is only possible thanks to the multiparty privacy stack of Aleo<>Puzzle Wallet<>Puzzle SDK<>Puzzle Rewards for onchain orgs that is integrated with Shopify for real world rewards.

If you're interested in making great zk-based products, supporting small businesses, lifting up indie game developers, building cutting edge tech, or helping buck the trend of "Own nothing, be happy" -- check out our available jobs today!

Our team is remote first but we prefer to operate on a hub and spoke model with team members and office space available in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. All candidates must be available to overlap with the Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone for at least 3 hours during regular business hours. 

Over the past 2 years, we’ve been building privacy applications and infrastructure to empower onchain organizations and individuals alike. Click on the links below to checkout when we built private multisigs, private-public fundraising tools and storefronts for the first private DAOs, private DeFi, and more. We've built infrastructure such as wallets with client side proving, state managers, and more. We've even built developer tools and hosted developer cohorts to build on our infrastructure. Now, we have rolled all of this experience into building Puzzle Wallet -- one of the leading wallets on Aleo as a portal to all Aleo's dApps and complete with Aleo account abstraction, MPC & programmable multisigs, and more.