Aptos Labs

Aptos Labs, co-founded by Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching, is dedicated to creating better web3 products and seamless usability to bring the benefits of decentralization to the masses.

Jan 15, 2024  
$204,341 - $220,000 yearly
From giant enterprises to teams of one, Aptos is the next generation L1 blockchain where anyone can build the future of Web 3. Aptos Labs has an opening for a ZK Software Engineer, Cryptography in Palo Alto, CA. You would be : Working on state-of-the-art zkSNARKs for OpenID-based blockchain accounts (e.g., Groth16, PLONK, Halo2) Working on novel cryptography for distributed randomness beacons (e.g., PVSS, VUFs, ZK range proofs) Responsible for designing , implementing , proving , auditing and breaking cryptographic primitives, whether state-of-the-art or novel. Working on complex engineering challenges such as scaling up performance, security, and privacy of the blockchain Evaluating cryptographic libraries for their safety and performance Establishing cryptographic standards by writing Aptos Improvement Protocols (AIPs) Contributing across our blockchain Rust code stack, the Move framework, and many of the SDKs (e.g., Typescript, Python,...
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