Logos is a movement supporting the development of the decentralised web. Logos technologies lay the foundations for a freer internet upon which communities can evolve into network states. Each protocol in the Logos stack seeks to empower its users while upholding civil liberties and fundamental freedoms.

Logos focuses on the development of a privacy-focused, neutral, decentralised technology stack.

Logos is composed of three primary protocols: Nomos, Codex, and Waku, for consensus, file storage, and communication respectively.

Feb 06, 2024  
The Role Nomos   requires a specialized role to bring in-depth knowledge and experience with ZK proofs and related tools and frameworks. This expertise will facilitate expedited prototyping, research, design of the proving system, and help in developing ZK-friendly solutions for the requirements of multiple components of the Nomos blockchain. The constant flux of tasks, varying in size and scope, requires a team member who can seamlessly integrate into the team and contribute immediately. Key Responsibilities Develop an in-depth understanding of the multi-layered architecture of Nomos and how Zero Knowledge proofs can be effectively utilized at various stages. Collaborate with other researchers and developers to ensure that Nomos's systems and protocols are efficiently designed and implemented. Address and solve upgradeability concerns related to ZK schemes and ensure consensus proofs are ZK-friendly. Design and help implement privacy-centered protocols that...
Logos Full time