Protocol Labs Venture Studio (PL VS) is an initiative dedicated to growing and enabling new startups building breakthrough technologies, leveraging Filecoin, IPFS, libp2p, Ethereum, and other technologies in the PL ecosystem. These startups will join the Protocol Labs innovation network, which bridges connections to potential sources of capital, technical expertise, and web3-native services to accelerate the development and growth of the new startups.

Mar 14, 2024  
$175,000 - $270,000 yearly
Summary We are seeking a world-class Staff ZK Cryptographer to bring to our research team the expertise in proof systems and, in particular, in zero-knowledge (ZK) proof systems and verifiable computation (VC) proof systems. This role involves research and development of ZK/VC proof systems for integration with InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), a novel recursive, fractal-like approach for scaling-out blockchains and decentralized systems, blending scalability, security and decentralization. We believe IPC has most of the ingredients to enable web3 to deliver on the promise of decentralized consumer-grade apps like real-time games, collaboration, AI, and more. But we're missing one: ZK/VC succinct proofs in strategic interfaces and system processes, to strengthen the security guarantees of the whole stack, whilst retaining customization abilities. We're looking for someone to take this challenge on and round out the whole product. We are looking for candidates who are...
PL VS Full time