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Geometry Research empowers protocols using cryptography. We ensure the security by performing audits and reviews, accelerate cryptographic primitives and critical pieces of software, enhance privacy across the stack using the methods and libraries suitable for each use case and innovate beyond the state of the art and build new applications.

Apr 05, 2024  
We are looking to work with engineers who want to advance the state of the art in client side proof generation for elliptic-curve based proving systems, specifically Halo 2 KZG. You will collaborate with our team on an open-source library achieving this. This position requires technical expertise, teamwork, and independence to successfully deliver milestones within scope and on time. Key responsibilities: To construct efficient building blocks for field and elliptic curve operations, leveraging WASM, WebGPU, Metal, and/or low-level CPU assembly. To build an end-to-end prover for Halo 2 KZG, including witness generation, which utilizes parallelization in a suitable and efficient manner. Write system documentation that clearly explains the approaches considered and taken, as well as decisions made regarding tradeoffs surrounding performance, usability, and other relevant factors. Candidates should: Possess working experience in working with WASM, WebGPU, Metal,...
Geometry Research Contractor
Apr 04, 2024  
Geometry Research is a team of expert engineers and researchers working towards applying advanced cryptography in production systems. We leverage our cutting-edge research to:  empower teams and protocols to use cryptographic techniques and state-of-the-art innovations, accelerate cryptographic primitives and critical pieces of software, perform security audits and reviews, and enhance privacy using various use-case specific methods and libraries. Role We are seeking an Operations Manager to join our team and contribute to our mission.  This role will be pivotal in driving and accelerating all facets of Geometry Research's business operation, including finance, marketing, legal, client management and admin. The ideal candidate is driven, proactive and self-reliant, with the ability to collaborate productively with the rest of the team and nurture our friendly and supportive workplace culture. This is a high impact role where you will architect the company’s...
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