Zero-Knowledge University

ZKU is an online course and informal study group, for software developers to learn how to build market-ready products in web3 using zero-knowledge proof technology. The goal is to launch a zk-product on mainnet with in a couple of months. This is no doubt challenging; we’re here to help.

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Apr 07, 2022  
$15,000 - $18,000 yearly  is a massive upskilling opportunity in web3, that we are paying for web3 developers to complete. It's based on a learn-to-earn model, where enrolled students can earn up to $3000 during the course. We are also offering scholarships for up to $2000 to attend the web3 conferences around the world, as well as up to $15,000 per year recurrent basic income upon launches of your final projects. More details on prizes can be found at The main driver to developing such a course is to introduce more developers to the area of Zero-Knowledge Proofs, which is pioneering the blockchain space to solve scalability and privacy issues. This will lead the way to increased adoption.  We provide graduates with an ecosystem to thrive in their careers, by connecting them to VCs, mentors, and other developers across the globe. After completion of the course, students will also have the opportunity to be accepted as a part of zkDAO and apply for...
Zero-Knowledge University Intern