Mar 16, 2023

Satyam Bansal

  • Blockchain Engineer
  • India
Full time Back-end development Blockchain developer Engineering Front-end development

Personal Summary


My Name is Satyam Bansal. I’m a software developer and KB4 fellow with more than seven years of experience deveoping large-scale web applications using ReactJS, Typescript, NodeJS. I’ve written code for well-known companies including Disney + Hotstar that serves millions of people high-quality sports and entertainment content.

I’m working remotely in PST timezone for more than 2 years and been a part of team and help developed their match-making platform.


●  More than 7 years of experience in designing and developing large-scale web applications with ReactJS, NodeJS, TypeScript, and Rust.

●  Strong proficiency in Web3 development, including experience with Ethereum, Solidity, and Solana. I’ve worked with DegenApeAcademy team in Solana ecosystem and helped develop their site user interface.

●  Experience working with privacy-preserving technologies, including Zero Knowledge Proofs and other cryptographic techniques.

●  Knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript, Typescript, and Rust.

●  Experience with web development frameworks such as React and Vue.js

●  Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.

●  Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.

Projects and Experiences:

    1. Please do checkout my projects and previous experience on my portfolio site

    2. I’m actively working on creating educational content for Leo:

    3. Please checkout my open source contributions: