Jul 04, 2023

Shailesh B Nair

  • Cryptographic Engineer / Blockchain Developer / ZK Engineer
  • India
Full time Back-end development Blockchain developer Cryptography Engineering Research

Personal Summary

Have worked as a Blockchain Consultant / Architect in different chains like EVM, SVM, Cosmos, etc in Layer 1, Layer 2, Sidechains, etc using Rust, Golang, C++, Ocaml, Haskell, etc. Have been working in Software development for more than 21 years as an Architect with a keen interest in solving technical problems in both Centralized and Decentralized environments. In the recent years my main focus is in Cryptography using Math and Coding to solve and work in core areas like Consensus, Execution, Privacy and Scalability of different blockchains (both Permission and Permissionless chains). Have been intensely working in Zero-knowledge, DKG, DVT, Light client bridges and some of the distributed AI techs to solve Problems related to Privacy, Scalability, Cross chain communication and Price Predictability for different DeFI companies and also Banks who are getting into Decentralized zones.


Computer Engineering
Jun 2000 - Jun 2004